Precision Farming

Site-Specific Application & Variable-Rate Technology

Allerton Supply Company has been a leader in soil fertility and nutrient management for over five decades. When the technology became available to accurately monitor soil Phosphorus, Potassium, and PH Levels by using grids with Global Positioning hardware and software, ASC was a pioneer in the field.

As time moved forward we have been ahead of the curve in updating our equipment, so we can provide the most accurate information to our customers. That information includes office work monitoring soil test data, analysis of combine yield monitor data and review of soil type maps, CEC’s and micro nutrients in our customers’ fields. In the field, we apply products to the exact locations to maximize yields.

Allerton Supply Company provides consulting on anything from Auto-Steer to Variable Rate Seeding including applying nutrients to a field in the most precise of areas. We utilize the most updated software and hardware from companies like Raven Technologies, Trimble, Auto Farm, SST, New Leader, Case IH, and John Deere. We have a fleet of spreaders, sprayers, and tractors fully equipped and ready to apply all of your VRT soil fertility needs from P, K, 28%, and NH3.

Contact your local ASC office with any questions that you may have regarding any of the services listed above that so we may be able to help you with on your farm to increase your bottom line.

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Custom Application Services

At ASC we realize in your business time is money. This is why in the last several years we have invested heavily to upgrade our fleet of application equipment. We are able to provide the latest technologies and horsepower when it comes to custom spraying of Ag chemicals, spreading dry fertilizer and limestone, and Anhydrous Ammonia Application. Our experienced and qualified staff enables ASC to be partners that you can count on to complete the job timely and professionally.

Anhydrous Ammonia

Let ASC get to work custom applying your NH3 while you are using your valuable time getting the crop out in the fall or preparing to plant in the spring. Our fleet of tractors and application bars are equipped with the latest technology to do the job right.
Dry Application

ASC uses full flotation application on all dry application to help prevent soil compaction. Our floaters have been equipped with the latest beds and technology to allow us to put your nutrient requirements where you need them, when you need them.
Chemical Application

Our spray application fleet has also been recently modernized in order that we can provide the crop protection that you need with minimal wear and tear on your crops and our operators. Our people are experienced and trained to meet spraying regulations and avoiding problems. We also offer aerial application when the need arises.

Crop Insurance

Allerton Supply is a proud partner of a subsidiary of Agir-Business Insurance Services of IL (ABIS). Our partnership with started in 2009 although we have had a long & well established relationship with ABIS for many years.

Why specializes in crop insurance. The individuals that we work with take pride in what they do & take pride in doing the job well. Their primary goal is to put the grower’s needs first while offering first class knowledge, service, & peace of mind.

As of 2009, our team of professionals has over 100 years of combined crop insurance experience. We invite you to join our growing list of satisfied and successful clients. See the difference one of our crop insurance specialists can make in your business this season!


The complexity and importance of your seed decision has increased greatly in the last few years. Due to the rapid rate of new hybrid and trait introductions, it is becoming more difficult to keep up with all of the advancements. Our seed professionals strive to service you with a solid knowledge base and the best suppliers. We strive to give you the right genetics for your soil and planting conditions to achieve maximum results per acre.

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