Our History

Allerton Supply was started in 1954 when Harry T. Allen returned from Korea to join his father, Ralph B. Allen in his lumberyard and bagged fertilizer business in Allerton, Illinois. Using ingenuity and hard work along with his father’s customer base and support, Harry built a fertilizer ammonization plant. This plant was expanded twice reaching a capacity of 6,000 tons of dry fertilizer. Harry converted the plant to a continuous ammonization process when the market changed from meal goods to granular. To stay abreast of changes in the fertilizer business, Harry added other farm services and products.

NH3 was offered by the late 1950’s from two 6,000 gallon ammonia tanks. An agronomist was hired in the early 1960’s to provide soil fertility advice to customers. Specialty premium grade fertilizers were blended and marketed under the Super Q brand. Allerton Supply Company began to sell and apply chemicals. A series of plant locations in Homer, Newman, Ridgefarm, Bongard, Fairmount and Ogden were acquired or built during the next fifteen years.
Ralph J. Allen joined the company in the early 1960s and Allerton Supply Company was incorporated into its current form. The company expanded into rental real estate by building nine post offices to keep the seasonal employees busy in the summer. In the late 1970’s Allerton Supply was asked to build a warehouse in Danville, Illinois named Prairie States Warehouse.

In the early 80’s, Harry Allen’s son Dan Allen joined the company. Allerton Supply Company had been purchasing pelletized limestone of poor quality. Dan used this product as the basis of his MBA thesis and then built a pelletizing plant at the Fairmount site. He then built another plant in Ohio. Other plants were built in Iowa and Nebraska. Plants were built for other owners in Argentina, Guatemala and Missouri.

Ralph Allen’s son Greg joined the company and was put in charge of the chemical warehouse. Vicki Allen, Harry Allen’s daughter joined the company in the mid 1990’s as the company Comptroller. Computerized accounting systems were established for all locations. Computer systems were then expanded to handle precision farming and mapping applications.

By 2005, Ralph and Harry retired from active management but remained as Directors on the company board.
In 2020, Ron Mowen retired as General Manager. Allerton Supply Company continues as a multi-million dollar, full service business serving East Central Illinois farmers. Allerton Supply Company continues to offer a complete line of agricultural products and professional services to its valued customers.